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Welcome to Smart Care, the best Phone Repair Shop company in the local area. All our phone technicians seek to fix your devices, no matter the damage or level of repair required. From battery replacements to data recovery to water damage, we’re proud to call ourselves the best in our field. Our professionals care about protecting your phone and prolonging its shelf life. We believe in giving fixes that last, not just temporary repairs.

Our experts diagnose the problem

A big part of our mission is to supply a diagnosis of the problem at hand. Whether or not you appreciate the main technical problem, our experts do their best to analyze and define the problem, explaining in Layman’s terms exactly what it is we’ll need to do to carry out the necessary repairs. It might be something simple, like dropping your phone in water, or you might have damaged the charger port or the battery itself might need replacing. Whatever it is, our diagnosis services will help clear up any doubts or misunderstandings you may have.

Where to find us

Our convenient repair establishment is situated nearby and is the best phone repair establishment in the local area. We’re a certified centre for phone fixtures, upgrades and trade ins conceived to make your life better: that’s why we also make coming in easy.There's no need to book an appointment and we can also give free consultations and quotes over the phone. Just ring us on the form below and we’ll be glad to speak to you.

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